Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Ideas Can Come from Anyone and Anywhere!

There’s a great example in the news today of one of our 10 ideas to encourage risk taking from Innovate the Pixar Way
#5. Don’t cry poor. Many innovative breakthroughs haven’t come from the formal “fat cats” in the R&D departments but from field operations scrounging around trying something new, learning and trying again. Not having the budget is an excuse, not a barrier!

I’m sure you have all been following the horrific BP tragedy where gallons of oil have been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.

For three months, and with billions of dollars of resources, the government and corporate engineers and scientists were unable to find a solution to the problem. It took the creative genius of a retired plumber with NO resources to suggest a solution that, as of today, appears to be working.

So, again, let’s not claim we can’t attract the people and resources we need to be creative! Everyone – from the front line to the boardroom – can and probably does have unique and innovative ideas that can help propel your organization to greatness!

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