Monday, August 30, 2010

Client Feedback on Using The Disney Way Fieldbook to facilitate a Faculty Workshop

I wanted to give you an update on my workshop with the school's faculty and staff.
My portion of the program was about four hours. The principal tells me that she is still hearing good things from the employees.
I believe I sparked some ideas, but I noticed a trend among those with more years under their belt.
The workshop was part of their in-service. The school has the faculty and staff participating in these training opportunities every beginning of the year. This year they had me, a first aid/CPR trainer, and a third speaker. One for each day of in-service.
On the positive end:

  1. The workers seemed motivated to start the year on a good note.
  2. Generally speaking they seemed to grasp the Dream, Believe, Dare, Do principles.
  3. Some felt the material was so useful that they wanted to suggest it to be used for their congregations.
  4. Some realized how their vision is not aligned.
  5. They all understood the need for dreaming, and allowing creativity to flow.
  6. I felt they were very pleased with my presentation.
On the negative end:
  1. The veteran workers and the administration did not see how their vision was not aligned. Some older teachers took offense when I tried pointing that out.
  2. The veteran workers were controlling some of the exercises. One actually said to a new teacher that they new better, and simply did not take any of the new teachers 4 core beliefs.
  3. The administration has expressed the idea that those who do not buy into their vision will be force out. So their idea of aligning the vision is "my way or the highway."
  4. The "one man road block" is being backed by old friends in the faculty body and family in the board of directors.

I used the Story Telling exercise for the Dream part. I adapted the vision align for the Believe portion, and did your suggestion to have each individual come up with 4 core beliefs, then pair up choose which four to keep, so on. I was going to use the Kidney exercise for the third portion, but the principal ran over her time, so I simply lectured them a brief lecture on the Dare principle. For the Do portion, I used story boarding, and they chose to story board how to reach higher levels of ACT success.

As they engaged in the exercises, I was discretely observing their interaction, and gathering some information on how they interacted. I was very saddened by the pattern I saw. The administration lives in this illusion that everything is just fine, and when workers leave upset, it is because the ones leaving have bad attitudes. I heard that statement form a board member!

A few weeks after the workshop, the board of directors invited me to join the board. This is a new area I am stepping into, and I am hoping I can plant some seeds that will shake things up in a good way!

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