Thursday, November 4, 2010

Innovate the Pixar Way Article Review

Last month HRM Today posted a great article by Bill Capodagli, the author of “Innovate the Pixar Way” and we liked it so much we thought we’d share some of it with you.

Bill’s key point is that it’s not just enough to hire the best and brightest – you also need to energize them with an environment that inspires passionate action: “All the vision, mission statements and value propositions in the world will not result in an ounce of creative energy without passionate inspired leadership. Fortunately, passion is contagious…it results in an epidemic of creative ideas!

If you’re interested in fostering a passionate and innovative environment in your workplace, you may want to consider these eight principles that lay the foundation for Pixar’s culture:

  1. Link employees rather than ranking them. At Pixar, team members are linked  together by complimentary skills, rather than ranked by level of importance.
  2. Creative ideas come from team collaborations, not top-down mandates.
  3. Passionate leaders get their power from enabling others to do their work, not telling them how to do their work.
  4. Teaching soft skills such as collaboration and improvisation are as important as teaching the hard occupational skills.
  5. To be innovative, you must be able to live with ambiguity.  When you don’t have all the information, intuitive decisions are necessary.
  6. Spending time trying to avoid failure often results in stagnation. In stead, quickly try, fail and try again.
  7. Innovative leaders create teams that are highly diversified.  Think beyond achieving a balance of gender and race…hire some “wacky” free-thinking creative folks!
  8. Passionate innovate leaders make work fun.  Remember when you take yourself too seriously, life ceases to be fun.

Feel free to let us know how you foster passion within your workplace, and again – the original article is worth the read!

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