Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dowagiac Union Schools Create “Dream for Education and Students’ Ideal Classroom”

Last week, Bill worked with several teams in Dowagiac, Michigan, all of whom are in the process of developing their “dreams”; creating their values; identifying barriers to success; and planning their implementations of The Disney Way principles.  They learned the technique of storyboarding and were thrilled at their progress using this powerful and flexible tool.  Superintendent Dr. Mark Daniel is a great champion for the Dowagiac Union School team; yesterday, he sent the following heartfelt message to Bill along with their word-smithed “dream” (to be posted soon!):  “… I appreciate your guidance during the past week.  We did have our Aha!!! Without your facilitating it, we would not have reached it.”  We applaud you, too, Dr. Daniel for being a role model for others in the field of education!”

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