Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Innovate the Pixar Way featured in ShiftTheParadigm.com

Innovate the Pixar Way – Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground details the principles by which Pixar cultivates an innovative corporate culture. Their box office results and timeless movie classics (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc., etc…) created in their brief history speak to the success of their model.

The book highlights a number of principles about fostering an innovative culture that not only applies to the business world, but can be applied to one’s personal life, even to raising children.

A brief sampling:
1. Avoid shortcuts. As Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter has said: “Quality is the best business plan of all.”

2. Maintain a childlike wonder and interest in the world to foster creativity.

3. Dare to take risks. As J.K. Rowling once said: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you lived so cautiously that you might as well not lived at all – in which case you failed by default.”

4. Don’t just meet expectations of others, fulfill their dreams. A lofty goal indeed, but when you’re able to touch someone’s life in a meaningful way, whether it’s a family member, friend or customer, your satisfaction and the person’s satisfaction soars.


5. Surround yourself with the best and help them establish a shared

6. Establish an environment of mutual respect and trust to create a
positive, self-motivated, achievement focused culture.

7. Shake up the status quo by doing something out of the ordinary –
recharge your batteries by going to a park, a museum…Commit to doing something audacious every day.

8. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Celebrate successes. Even celebrate failures when something is learned or a smart risk was taken. Celebrate doing!

9. Never accept good enough. Walt Disney coined the term “plus-ing,” which referred to looking for ways to continuously make things better.

10.  ____________________________________________________
(intentionally left blank so you can fill-in a best practice that will drive
creativity and innovation into your life; a best practice that you’ll commit to implementing within the next 48 hours!)

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